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Cecelia Hernandez Engleman, LSWAIC, MSW

As a therapist, I believe that it is important to develop a therapeutic alliance between myself and my client. Therapy should not be “one size fits all” and should always be a collaborative process between therapist and client. I will work with you to identify your treatment goals that will be clearly defined and mutually agreed upon to create a therapeutic process that will best fit your personality. I believe that therapy is about finding your authentic self and learning to embrace life. My therapeutic modality is a blend of Mindfulness, trauma informed care and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My experience has equipped me to work with clients with a range of issues, including grief and loss, end of life, trauma, domestic violence and chronic disorganization/hoarding disorders. It is my passion to develop a genuine relationship with my clients where we can safely have difficult conversations, have and resolve conflicts, and experience your authentic self, including your pain. I will work with you to tune into your true self, recognize your unfavorable coping mechanisms, and discover self-compassionate ways of living. ​


Prior to returning to university for my Bachelor's and Master's degree in social work and becoming a therapist, I spent more than 13 years in social services providing support to marginalized populations in the local community, as well as an extensive career prior to that, providing patients with direct health care needs (under the supervision of nursing staff and medical doctors) as a CNA. Helping people become healthier and happier has been the focus of my entire adult mission in life.

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My professional background includes 13 years in social work providing case management and therapeutic services to vulnerable populations in Clark County and many years of  providing patients with direct health care needs under the supervision of medical doctors and nursing staff prior to my time in social work.​

  • Prelicense: Washington / SC61389664

  • Education:

    • Master of Social Work (MSW) Our Lady of the Lake University/Worden School of Social Work, 2022

    • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Eastern Washington University, 2021

  • Years in practice: 1

  • Supervisor: Joy Meek

    • Supervisor License: Washington / LW60918036


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